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How can your office benefit from a wellness program?


Fitter staff are absent less often and experience increased mental acuity and productivity. 


Group Fitness Training / Nutrition Seminars / On-Site Meal Curation / Office Gym Design


Because The vitality of your company relies on the vitality of your employees.

Our fitness, nutrition and wellness programs keep your employees engaged and excited about their health. Potential areas of focus include: group fitness training, private fitness training, nutrition seminars, on-site meal curation, mindfulness workshops and in-office gym design. We bring the motivation to you. 

I’ve been taking Jennifer’s group training sessions in my office for about six months now and have noticed considerable improvements not only in my physical strength but also in my overall health. I feel more alert, sleep better and thanks to the snacks she selected for our kitchen, I’m making better food choices as well. Unlike a one-size-fits-all bootcamp setting, in Jennifer’s small group training sessions she makes sure that each of us learns proper form and technique and reaches our individual goals. As a team we all look forward to training with her each week.
— John

Let me start off by saying Jennifer is AMAZING!
My company offers corporate wellness classes onsite in our office gym. Jennifer comes in once a week and trains with a group of us for 1 hour sessions. When I first started working with Jennifer, I considered myself to be in good shape but I wasn’t necessarily seeing the physical results I wanted. After just a few weeks of taking her class, I immediately noticed a change in my body! I lost weight / gained muscle, had a lot more energy and overall felt healthier. I’ve now been working with Jennifer for about 6 months and the results are still there. Jennifer is consistently mixing up the work out routines and pushing me beyond my comfort zone in a motivating way. Aside from our workouts, Jennifer has also been a wonderful resource for all things nutrition. She has completely revamped our office snacks with much healthier options and supplements. Thanks to Jennifer I’m now far more conscious about EVERYTHING I eat. Jennifer is encouraging, knowledgeable and brings an awesome energy to our office. It’s an absolute pleasure working with her!
— Krystal