I found Jennifer as I was looking to take my golf game to the next level. But what has transpired is she’s proven to be transcendent not only for my golf game, but for my approach towards fitness and nutrition! Jennifer is extremely knowledgeable and her workouts are incredibly fun. It truly is a holistic approach that I find to be a game changer for my life.
— Spencer

I was referred to Jen by one of the head trainers and instructors at the Titleist Performance Institute. After just six months, I no longer feel sore after I play golf, I’ve put on 8 solid pounds of muscle and all of my allergies are GONE. Every aspect of my game, fitness and general health has improved under Jen’s guidance!
— Steve

Bad back?  She knows what to do.  Instability?  She’s got the exercises to help.  You want more distance?  You’ve come to the right place.  This has changed my golf swing, and even my understanding of my swing and what I’m trying to accomplish.  The improvements have been dramatic, which makes me want to work harder.  And I feel better as well — imagine that!
— Mark

I’m so glad Jennifer was the trainer I chose because she’s really reshaped the way I think about exercise, nutrition and wellness. She worked closely with me to figure out my individual Metabolic Type and tailored a diet plan to what works best with my body. She also created an exercise program completely different than the running workouts I was used to, and my body is so much happier and healthier as a result. I’ve leaned out, shrunk parts of my body I didn’t know needed shrinking, and feel generally stronger and more capable of completing hard workouts I never thought I could do before.
— Christina

I have never seen results like this in my life, and that includes my training regimen as a competitive athlete. Jennifer provides a holistic approach to health and fitness that has completely changed my life.
— Sebastian

No matter your goals, I highly recommend you work with Jennifer on a nutrition program as well.  She tailored a sensible plan for me that eliminated inflammatory foods from my diet.  Today I am eating more of the foods I love and don’t miss the few that I have removed from my diet.  In about a month’s time, I lost over 20 pounds that is quickly being regained as lean muscle.  
— Andrew

I was sent to Jen on the recommendation of my golf coach. She is TPI certified and has a very in-depth understanding of the fitness aspect of golf. We quickly identified my postural issues and began to work on it right away. Through my work with Jen in the gym and her help as a nutritionist I have seen improvements in my energy, consistency and overall performance on the golf course.
— Matt

She has been perfect.  Every exercise is focused on strengthening the muscles I need strengthened and supporting the areas that need support. She worked seamlessly with my physical therapist to understand my issues and craft an action plan that works with me.  In addition to those issues, she helped me identify a healthy nutritional plan that works with my system. In just six weeks I feel better, stronger, and I have NO PAIN in my back and neck.  I have not had that in over a decade.
— Jason