looking to improve your Golf game?

If you want to improve your game, you must improving your body's ability to move, stabilize and generate power.

The Holistic Fitness Golf Fitness & Performance program is based on a three-step process that is designed to address the root cause of swing faults, improve your flexibility, strength and power, and eliminate any pain that might be hindering you the course. Whether your goal is greater distance, improved swing efficiency, better accuracy, increased endurance or even to reduce your back pain, the Golf Fitness & Performance program can help. 

Step 1: Screen – Clients undergo 16 functional movement screens designed to identify faulty stability and altered mobility patterns as they relate to the golf swing. Clients also undergo functional strength tests and various power and cardiovascular tests to establish his/her baseline for each. 

Step 2: Prescribe – Based on the screen results, clients receive a highly-individualized 6-week golf-specific mobility, strength and cardiovascular program. This program is designed to increase the golfer's power and eliminate his/her swing faults (and the physical limitations that contribute to them) for good.

Step 3: Implement – Clients set up Golf Fitness & Performance sessions to learn proper form, technique and necessary progressions and modifications required throughout the 6-8 week program. 

After I trained with you this morning I shot a 65 from the back tees at Olympic Club’s Lake Course. Something was working!! Now I need to do these warm up exercises before I play!!
— Randy Haag, 2016 San Francisco City Senior Champion


TPI Assessment: $225

Program Design Fee: Pro-rated $165*

*Program design takes between 1-2 hours

Golf Fitness Instruction Sessions: $165 per hour*

*Clients must commit to 5 sessions to ensure proper form and technique

Partner Session: $300 per hour

Home/Office Gym Consultation or Design: Pro-rated $165 per hour