Are You Eating This Anti-inflammatory Green?

Photo by tpzijl/iStock / Getty Images

This past weekend was our gym's annual retreat in Healdsburg where we were lucky enough to have chef Mateo Granados of Mateo's cook for us. The first course was a gorgeous purslane salad, a somewhat less common green that has soft, succulent leaves. Mateo was quick to point out that purslane contains more Omega-3s than any other green, leafy vegetable. In fact, it has more Omega-3s than some fish oils you'll find. It's also rich in magnesium, calcium, iron and potassium. Slightly salty, zesty and tangy, purslane pairs nicely with citrus and melon in salads and is also delicious with feta, cucumbers and olives. I picked mine up at BiRite this week, but purslane can also be found at most farmer's markets.