Are You Eating This Superfood?


Sauerkraut -  A Fat Burning and Immune Boosting Superfood

Want to lose body fat and increase your immunity? Add some sauerkraut to your meals each day. As a fermented food, sauerkraut is one of the healthiest foods you can eat, loaded with vitamins, digestive enzymes and healthy bacteria. 

Fermented Foods and Immunity:

About 85% of your immune system is in your gut. If you have a leaky or permeable gut wall from eating grains, low-quality oils and other processed foods, you likely have a weakened immune system. Reintroducing healthy bacteria into your gut helps support the function and integrity of your GI tract and increases your overall immunity. 

Fermented Foods and Weight Loss:

In addition to helping boost your immunity, fermented foods are loaded with healthy bacteria that is vital for weight loss. Recent studies show that a lack of healthy gut flora might be more responsible for diabetes and obesity than most doctors and nutritionists previously realized. 

According to Integrative Medicine Practitioner Chris Kresser, "Changes in the gut flora can increase the rate at which we absorb fatty acids and carbohydrates, and increase the storage of calories as fat. This means that someone with bad gut flora could eat the same amount of food as someone with a healthy gut, but extract more calories from it and gain more weight. Bad bugs in the gut can even directly contribute to the metabolic syndrome by increasing the production of insulin (leading to insulin resistance)."

Because sauerkraut, which is essentially fermented cabbage, is relatively mild, it can easily be added to a variety of dishes. Try it with eggs and bacon in the morning, on a salad at lunch or as a side with virtually any dinner. 

Want to take further steps to increase your gut health?

  • Eliminate all dietary toxins such as wheat and industrial seed oils

  • Use NSAID's and antibiotics carefully

  • Supplement with the amino acid L-Glutamine to promote gut wall integrity

  • Eat fermented foods 

  • Manage your stress