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I believe in training smarter, not harder. My fitness and wellness programs combine intelligent exercise with the latest in nutrition science to offer powerful results. Whether your goal is golf performance, fat loss or overall increased vitality, I’m here to help. Applying the latest techniques in exercise assessment, in-depth movement screens and advanced nutrition testing, I design exercise and nutrition programs that are custom-fit to what your body needs


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Titleist Performance Institute recently published my latest article with Golf Fitness expert Dr. Ben Langdown, "14 Exercises For Generating Impulse and Separation - A Key To Increased Clubhead Velocity"

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Tyrone Ryan
The dynamic golf warm-up Jennifer Fleischer taught me has had a huge impact on my game. I’ve noticed my ball striking stats have increased and my consistency has improved from round to round. On days when I don’t do the pre-golf exercises, I notice my glutes don’t fire as well and my shoulder turn is decreased. It’s been a total game changer.
— Tyrone Ryan, Professional Golfer and Sunshine Tour Winner